The government has adopted new measures

Serbian government has adopted new measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Source: B92

As it is stated, the measures were adopted with the goal of reducing social contacts to an absolute minimum, with the hope that they will give the desired result and that in the days ahead, we will see that in the numbers of people infected with the coronavirus.

The competent inspections and the communal militia will strictly control the observance of these measures, which will come into force tomorrow.

Which facilities have limited working hours?

Catering facilities - cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs will not work from Friday at 5 pm to Monday at 5 am without exception. Their working hours will be from Monday to Friday, from 5 am to 5 pm. Catering facilities are allowed to perform food delivery activities non-stop 24/7.

Shopping malls, clothing stores, bookmakers, casinos, children's playrooms will also be closed from Friday at 5 pm to Monday at 5 am. Hairdressing and beauty salons will not work during the weekend. This group also includes facilities in the field of sports and recreation - gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, balloons for football, basketball, tennis or any other recreational sport. All these facilities are allowed to work on weekdays from 5 am to 5 pm.

In what period do other facilities work?

Food stores, shops, retail facilities as well as newsagents, kiosks and the like where, as a rule, you do not enter the facility when shopping, can work on weekdays and weekends, until 9 p.m.

Pharmacies and gas stations (fuel sales) can work non-stop, every day without restrictions. Markets will also be open on weekends from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Another exception are restaurants and bars located within the hotel and private accommodation. They can provide their services only and exclusively to registered guests until 9 pm every day. Medical surgeries and laboratories can operate throughout the day, including weekends. Professional athletes can use sports facilities to prepare for their competitions over the weekend. Facilities and institutions in the field of culture - cinemas, theaters, museums and galleries will be able to work on weekdays, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays, until 5 pm.

Facilities and shops that provide services that do not require the presence of users or require the presence and contact of limited duration, such as service appliances shops, technical services, tailors, shoemakers and glass cutters can work on weekdays until 21:00, and on Saturdays until 17:00.


Today 3.236 newly infected, 44 people died

According to the latest data, 3.236 new cases were recorded today, out of 14.444 tested for coronavirus. 44 people died.

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