"The whole of Serbia is one big hospital" VIDEO

Epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon stated that 2.434 health workers are currently infected in Serbia.

Source: B92
Screenshot/TV B92
Screenshot/TV B92

"66 health workers were hospitalized," Kon added, pointing out that 31 percent of those infected come from Belgrade.

Kon said that most patients were accommodated in the Stark Arena, as many as 480 people, while KBC Zvezdara was in second place with 404 patients.

As for social protection institutions, Kon says that there are currently 922 sick proteges in nursing homes and 519 employees, and that 1.290 users and 550 employees have been cured.

The director of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Dr Edita Stokić, warned about the situation in that institution. She pointed out that 359 patients are being treated in that institution, and that this is the largest number since the outbreak of the pandemic.

"Never during the night have there been so many outpatient examinations in the admission clinic of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, nor have so many patients been hospitalized in one day. 23 patients are placed in intensive care units and require mechanical ventilation," she said.

Kon pointed out that we can see the effects of the new measures in 10 days, as well as that "the whole of Serbia is one big hospital". As he says, there are still more admissions than discharges in hospitals.

"Even today, there will be transfers of patients who are about to be healed in temporary COVID hospitals. The whole of Serbia is now one big COVID hospital. The relocation may be to other places. Remarks on transport and accommodation are not adequate to the situation we are in," Kon says.

He condemned the large queues that could be seen today in front of the stores, on the so-called Black Friday. He added that this can be accepted if all measures are respected.

"It is not clear to me how it is most significant when 57 died, it is simply not clear to me," Kon said, adding that he can only speculate about the potential consequences of today's gatherings.

"Measures will prove efficient in 10 days"

Epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon stated that the effects of the new measures can be expected in 10 days. He added that this can be expected in seven days, but that 10 is a more realistic period of time.

As he said, 60 percent of citizens respect the measures.

"In our country, about 60% of population respect the measures, that is simply not enough, the virus passes there and it finds its potential even with such a passage. Lockdown will be applied as much as necessary," he said.

As he added, the curve in Belgrade "flattened at a high level".

"Belgrade has been held between 1.800 and 2.200 for 8 days now and has leveled off at a high level, unlike other places, where you can see that the number of new patients is still rising and rising, so it is clear that infection from Belgrade has spilled over to smaller places, such as: Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Pancevo", Kon concluded.


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