Serbia in the hell of coronavirus: New black record, more than 7.500 newly infected

During the last 24 hours, 7.606 cases of coronavirus were registered in Serbia. 51 people died, which is a new black record.

Source: B92

21.569 people were tested.

There are 6.722 people in hospitals, and currently 243 patients are on respirators.

A total of 148.210 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia since the outbreak of the epidemic. 1.703.985 people were tested.

A total of 1.366 people died.

The President of Serbia also announced that the worst day so far awaits Serbia.

New, tougher measures to combat coronavirus were introduced on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it was decided that the students of the upper grades of primary and all secondary schools will switch to online classes. Also, faculties are advised to study online.

A member of the Crisis Staff, epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon, said last night that the measures were belated.

Doctors appeal to all citizens to respect the measures that have been adopted in order for them to have an effect.

"All measures together, wearing masks in the first place, as well as the appeal to postpone everything and reduce gatherings, should give results, these are key measures," Janković said, adding that shortened working hours are important, because in the evening hours, there is more risk of the virus being transmitted.

He said that for now, the measure of movement restrictions or the introduction of curfew has not been considered and proposed.

The large number of deaths is worrying, and as Dr Janković explained, with the increase in the number of infected, the increase in the number of deaths can be recorded a few days later.


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