The day started even worse than yesterday: Belgrade is crowded with patients

Ambulance transported COVID patients to the surrounding cities all night because Belgrade was full. Pelemis warns that measures should be tightened immediately.

Source: B92

A member of the Crisis Staff, Dr. Predrag Kon, stated yesterday that the health system is about to collapse. Belgrade, as the biggest hot spot, seems to have filled all the capacities, so the patients were transported all the way to Pozarevac.

As stated, patients with suspected COVID-19 were also transported to Smederevska Palanka, Smederevo and Pozarevac.

Yesterday, over 5.500 newly infected people were registered in Serbia, and the day also began with a report from the Emergency Service, from where it was said at the time that they were transporting COVID patients all night. What awaits us today?

Due to the worsened epidemiological situation in Serbia, which was announced by almost all relevant experts, an emergency session of the Crisis Staff has been scheduled for Friday at nine o'clock. According to media reports, there are three new measures on the table.


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