Ruzic: The situation in schools is not alarming VIDEO

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Branko Ruzic says that the situation in schools in Serbia in terms of coronavirus is not alarming.

Source: Beta

"All surveys in the previous two months about the frequency of coronavirus in the educational system show that schools are not a place for wider transmission of the virus," Ruzic told "Prva" TV.

He added that we should thank students and professors for that, who show that if the measures are applied in the right way, the spread of the virus is prevented.

According to him, the number of people infected with the virus in schools is increasing, but not rapidly.

"It is important that the transmission of the coronavirus does not happen in schools and kindergartens," Ruzic said.

He stated that medical profession determines the measures that will be implemented, and it is important that the education system holds very firmly in the fight against the coronavirus.

Ruzic pointed out that it is important that during the pandemic, the educational system functions in a satisfactory way.

He says that they switch to online classes when there is someone who is infected in a department, and then they go into isolation.

He points out that the numbers he received are low, which, as he states, does not mean that there is no coronavirus in schools.

He adds that there is no coronavirus in nine districts in the education system.

"The profession will give a final assessment of what and how to proceed, so that we do not endanger the continuity of acquiring knowledge in any way," said Ruzic.

"The plan is to hold a state graduation exam"

Asked about the state graduation exam, Ruzic says that it is not an easy process and that analyzes are being done on that topic now.

As he says, the plan is for the generation that enrolled in high schools in 2018/19 to take the state graduation exam and to enroll in colleges with it.

He explains that the basis for taking the exam is Serbian language and literature, mathematics and a major subject.

"If someone wants to enroll in law and philology, one can choose another subject that he would take, thus expanding the chances to pass the exam," Ruzic said.


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