Loncar explained what could lead to the collapse of the health system VIDEO

The Minister of Health, Zlatibor Lončar, stated that the general hospital in Pancevo is the next one that completely enters the COVID system

Source: B92

Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar stated today that the situation with the coronavirus is the worst in Belgrade, where the largest number of patients and the greatest pressure is on health institutions, and stated that there are now about 300 vacancies in hospitals in the capital, and that the number of examinations is growing in COVID dispensaries.

Lončar stated that the next hospital that will be completely turned into the COVID system hospital will be the General Hospital Pancevo, and in the future, as he says, there is no other hospital to open.

This time, the "Banjica" Institute will not be a hospital, so that it can perform its regular work, due to everyone who has to undergo the procedure on their knees or hips, and possible traffic accidents, falls and injuries.

"As of yesterday, the KBC Zemun is completely a COVID hospital, and it is estimated that it could serve for the next day, day and a half," Loncar said.

He pointed out that medical examinations are growing "hour by hour" compared to the previous days.

"In total, we have already passed 3.000 examinations on a daily basis. We are opening additional COVID clinics, a triage center in Zemun, we are doing everything in our power. But that capacity also has a limit. Direct non-compliance with measures leads to the collapse of the system," Loncar said.

He illustrated the seriousness of the situation with the fact that in one day, a patient in the hospital consumes oxygen as in ordinary circumstances for more than a month.

"Every day, one hospital in Belgrade, which has COVID patients, consumes five tons of oxygen, and that is the usual consumption on a monthly basis," Loncar emphasized.

The Minister also said that a situation awaits us, which he has been warning about for a long time, that patients from Belgrade, the city where there is the biggest problem of non-compliance with measures, the greatest infection, and the concentration of viruses, will have to go to hospitals elsewhere in Serbia.

"That will be our reality, so that there are no surprises," he underlined.

He told the citizens that health care will do its best to help everyone, but citizens must understand that capacities and the health system are something that cannot be endured in unlimited numbers.

"We have a certain number of hospital beds and health workers. If you think that the countries in the region and Europe have a larger number of patients and that makes you feel relaxed, I tell you that is not good. That is the end of disrespect for all health workers who work day and night for months", Loncar emphasized.

He called on the citizens to reduce contacts in the next ten days, because that is the only way to stop the spread of the virus.

"This cannot be stopped until we all act in the utmost solidarity and unity. These people have none of that if you thank them, and you push on your own, you act contrary to what they recommend", he explained.

"Forget for a while about parties, celebrations, birthdays, because that's where we have the largest number of infected people. Wear masks in transport, indoors, wash your hands. Let's follow the measures so that we could be in a better situation, so that we can take care of those people who need medical help", the minister concluded.


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