Information for Belgrade: 1.500,1.000, 200

State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Aleksandar Stefanovski, stated that 200 people were examined in the area of Belgrade during the night.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

They requested medical check-up due to suspicion of coronavirus infection, in two COVID clinics and two clinical centers.

Stefanovski told RTS that in the past ten days, the number of patients who appear for examination due to suspicion of COVID-19 infection has increased, and that 1.500 people sought such help yesterday, of which 1.000 showed symptoms corresponding to coronavirus infection for the first time.

He stated that those who report to the COVID ambulance in Belgrade most often have cough, fever, weakness and malaise as symptoms, while a small number of them complained of loss of sense of smell and taste.

"The female and male populations are equally represented," Stefanovski said.

He said that the capacities of health institutions in Belgrade for the reception of COVID patients have not been filled, and that "Arena" is completely ready for the reception of patients.

There are currently 300 COVID patients hospitalized in Belgrade.


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