Epidemiologist Tiodorovic warns: November is coming, let's not end up like Germany

In November, when the colder days come, a leap in the number of people infected with the coronavirus is inevitable, epidemiologist Dr Branislav Tiodorović warns

Source: Blic
EPA-EFE Christian Bruna
EPA-EFE Christian Bruna

According to him, we currently have a good epidemiological situation and we expect it to be the same in October.

It depends on our caution whether we'll face with the growing number of cases, and that is why we have decided not to allow large gatherings and to only gradually ease the measures, Dr Tiodorović said for "Blic".

The Crisis Staff has made a decision which extends the work of catering facilities until 11 pm, instead of 9 pm, as was the previous rule. The reason is the autumn time and the need to provide caterers with extended work, as opposed to garden work.

A member of the crisis staff for control of COVID-19 infection explains that it was estimated that only this measure could be more relaxed, but with the remark that every caterer must strictly take care that guests respect the prescribed measures.

"Since the cold days are starting, there will certainly be more people in the catering facilities inside, and not outside, it was decided to extend the working hours to 11 pm, and not to 9 pm, as it was prescribed for indoors. It is important to point out that everything we do, we have to do very carefully, not to make a mistake, as happened to those who had reduced numbers of the infected at some point, such as the Czechs, Germans, Iceland," Tiodorovic points out.

Although we are doing great at the moment, certainly with cold days and the circulation of people indoors, a higher probability of spreading the infection is created. The Indian summer awaits us in October, so the experts hope that people will also spend more time outside. There could be a slight leap in the number of infected people in November and December.

"The risk will increase with the cold days, in November and December, and then we can expect growing number of patients. If the population is disciplined as it has been so far, then that number will not be drastically large. And the credit for this stable situation lies with the huge responsibility. If the everything is respected, then we can have a slight increase, because it is inevitable indoors. We certainly have an increased risk with the beginning of faculty activities, but we hope that the academic community will organize it well," Professor Tiodorović concluded.

Professor Tiodorović warns that one should be careful because in our region the coronavirus does not rest, and since we are an open country due to the economy, goods and transport, there may be an overflow.

The most important thing, he adds, is to avoid a mix of two viruses. Vaccination against seasonal flu, which is coming to us in October, is important for the elderly, the chronically ill, people with weak immunity, and medical workers. Later for everyone else, in order to avoid mixing the two infections.

"It will go normally and I think it will start on October 1, first of all with those groups that we marked as the most vulnerable, and later with everyone else. And these 200.000 doses from "Torlak" will mean a lot. When it comes to the flu, looking at what is happening in the southern hemisphere, there was no big leap, with the fact that they have a problem with COVID. Vaccination is necessary and it will be carried out according to priorities", epidemiologist Tiodorović concluded.


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