Crisis Staff session completed: What is allowed now, and what still isn't

The Crisis Staff for the fight against coronavirus met today. The mitigation of some measures was discussed at the session.

Source: B92

Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević stated, after that session, that the situation with the coronavirus in Serbia is stable, but that it does not mean that there is no pandemic. She also said that Serbia is the country in Europe with the lowest incidence rate last week. The risk of getting sick was 100 times higher in Montenegro, and 10 times higher in Croatia.

All this is the result of the conscientiousness of our citizens who have adhered to all preventive measures.

She reminded of the Czech Republic, where the situation with coronavirus was stable, but suddenly everything changed.

According to her, the possibility of a renewed increase in the number of newly infected can never be ruled out, which is why she appeals to the citizens to continue acting according to the recommendations of the Crisis Staff.

The decision made today is that the work of the cafes and the indoor restaurants will be extended until 11 pm, said Kisić Tepavčević, but she also pointed out that the measure was taken with cautious distrust, i.e. its implementation will be closely monitored given that colder days are coming.

The member of the Crisis Staff said that, despite some announcements, the expert team of the Crisis Staff did not allow the holding of manifestations that have already been postponed several times due to the coronavirus.


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