Šarčević on the chances to close schools again VIDEO

In three weeks since classes began in schools in Serbia, about 60 students have contracted coronavirus so far, the minister says, adding it's the minimum number

Source: B92, prva
Sean Gallup/Getty images
Sean Gallup/Getty images

According to him, Belgrade, as a big city, has the most cases, but when everything is taken and added up, that is the minimum number of infected people, Minister of Education Mladen Šarčević said in the morning program of TV Prva and added that there are currently no patients among students.

He explained that the reason why fewer high school students are infected with the coronavirus, compared to elementary school students, is that high school students go through the system of staying in classrooms for one week and online for another.

"Currently, there are about 60 infected students, in the three weeks since the beginning of school, for the overall number of 850.000 students, that is really the minimum," Šarčević said.

Asked whether there will be a new school closure, he says that we are far from closing schools at this moment, but he notes that when he says that, it should be understood conditionally. When asked what should happen so that the schools close, Šarčević says that the Crisis Staff decides on that, based on relevant data and the situation.

In any case, Šarčević added, online teaching is being recorded and it is now much better than in the first cycle, during the state of emergency, and in the meantime, numerous other platforms are included in the entire online system and everything works much better.


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