Tiodorović about what should happen, for a state of emergency to be re-introduced

A big fuss arose in public after the news that Serbia prepares for a new state of emergency. The Crisis Staff denied that this issue was even discussed.

Source: Blic
EPA-EFE Christian Bruna
EPA-EFE Christian Bruna

Namely, a member of the Crisis Staff for the control of COVID-19 infection, epidemiologist prof. Dr Branislav Tiodorović told "Blic" on Tuesday that the introduction of a new state of emergency on October 1, as some media reported yesterday, is not being considered at all.

According to him, "someone obviously confused two terms - state of emergency and emergency situation.

"No one has mentioned the state of emergency, nor is it possible to introduce it. But someone has obviously confused the two terms state of emergency and emergency situation. As long as the epidemic lasts, we are in the emergency situation, and it means implementing all measures that are there. "A state of emergency is something else, it involves restrictions and it only happens in those situations when you have no control over the spread of the infection, which we are far from, and it is completely pointless to talk about it," Professor Tiodorovic explains in detail for "Blic".

As he says, Serbia is not even close to re-introducing the state of emergency.

"Statements like this, which are not based on facts, because no one has stated that we will impose a state of emergency, are wrong. I said that based on the data we have, and based on the epidemiological assessment, there may be a slight increase. "But it can happen if the measures are not respected, and there is a difference. And all this again has nothing to do with the state of emergency, and those who placed such information have obviously confused the two concepts," he says.

As he points out, measures that are prescribed within the emergency situation are currently being applied in Serbia, and no matter how favorable the situation is, we cannot cancel it until WHO declares the end of the pandemic.

"A state of emergency is introduced when there is a danger that something has gotten out of control, so we simply have to reduce people's contacts, and that means closing facilities, schools, kindergartens, theaters, all those places where people can gather, and restricting the work of those activities which supply food, as we have already had. We do not expect it at all and we are not even close to something like that", he said.

As for the example of Montenegro, which has a 10-fold increase and is second in Europe in the number per 100.000 active cases, Tiodorovic points out that they have not imposed a state of emergency, nor will they likely introduce it.


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