Dr Kon: It's enforceable

Predrag Kon says that a new control measure re: COVID-19 is enforceable, meaning that citizens report to the health care system upon their return from abroad

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Screenshot TV Prva
Screenshot TV Prva

The epidemiologist, a member of the Crisis Staff, adds that this measure will also have long-term effects, especially in the coming period when the feasts and winter holidays are coming.

"If we want, and I sincerely want that, to prevent July from happening again, we have to think and plan months in advance," Kon told the daily "Danas".

Kon said that a way would be found for the returnees to register so that it would be as little burden as possible for both the citizens and the doctors, and among the possibilities are electronic registration, calling the call center or going to the COVID clinic, which he said was an option that should be avoided when possible.

"This is a kind of health surveillance, but it is not the health surveillance defined by law and for which public health institutes are responsible. Such health surveillance would not be possible. Because if you expect the return of 50.000 people, who should be followed for ten days, that is half a million surveillance. Such a thing cannot be implemented without introducing a state of emergency", he stressed.

Speaking about the situation in schools, Kon pointed out that so far, there is a clear overview of the situation in all primary schools where the virus appeared, but that he is concerned that there are currently no reports of suspected coronavirus infection in secondary schools.

"This tells me that cases of infection among high school students are not under control. If the virus is present in primary schools, it is very likely that it is present in secondary schools as well, but these cases have not been reported. For primary schools, 11 of them in which 13 students are positive, we know exactly at all times what is happening and we can see in time if there has been any serious transmission", he said.

On the other hand, Kon added, it is unlikely that no high school students have had a fever since the beginning of the school year.

Kon stated that there is a clear algorithm for starting classes at colleges and sending students back to dormitories, which will be used in case of suspicion that a student is infected.

"Facilities have been provided where students waiting for the test results will be accommodated. For now, we have only two positive students. About 5.000 students have returned to their dormitories, and I expect that the dormitory capacities will continue to be filled," he emphasized.


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