Vučić: Serbs, united and unanimous, can overcome all adversities

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that Serbs, if united, can overcome all adversities, face all the problems and ensure the future of Serbian children  

Source: Tanjug
Foto: EPA/Georgi Licovski
Foto: EPA/Georgi Licovski

"There are no higher and more important values than the unity of our people and the freedom for which our ancestors fought, for which we will fight in the future," said President Vučić on the occasion of Serbian Unity Day - a holiday that Serbia and the Republic of Srpska mark together this year on September 15th.

We are celebrating, and in the future it will be a state holiday of unity and freedom, said Vučić in a statement for Tanjug and added that today is a great day for Serbia, the Republic of Srpska and the entire Serbian people.

He reminded that today we celebrate the day of the breakthrough of the Salonica front, when, on September 15, Serbian soldiers, who went through the hell of Albania and lost 50 percent of their comrades during the war, were joined by volunteers from other Serbian regions.

"There were 10 percent of them from Herzegovina, Bosnia, Lika, Krajina, Banija, Kordun, all parts where Serbs lived. A Serb could not accept the obligation to fight against Serbs and joined our only red, blue, white flag, which still unites us today", he added.

Vučić emphasized that it is important that even today, when we face numerous challenges and pressures from the world, when we see that, regardless of our economic successes, our people still face difficult days - the answer must be unity, harmony and struggle by using smart political means, for the freedom of our people.

"If we are united, and unanimous, we Serbs, and this is not only a national holiday, but an all-Serbian one, we can overcome all adversities, overcome all problems, ensure and guarantee the future of our children," President of Serbia concluded.

Vučić thanked the Serbs in RS, but also our people in the region and the world, who, as he says, help and who have always advocated that freedom be the greatest commitment and value of our people and the state of Serbia.

"I congratulate the people in RS and Serbia on the holiday, but also to all Serbs around the world. We are proud of our flag and we will protect it, we know how to protect the country and the common people. Thus united we will leave a mark in the history of Europe and the world", President of Serbia pointed out.


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