"I am not in favor of easing restrictions" VIDEO

On the eve of the Monday Crisis Staff session, Minister of Health, Zlatibor Lončar, said measures will be brought in order to protect the citizens of Serbia.

Source: B92
Printskrin: TV Prva
Printskrin: TV Prva

The main decision that is awaited is the introduction of quarantine for citizens coming from Montenegro. "We are analyzing the situation. Whatever the profession says, we will do, and everything in order to protect people, to protect children who attend school, students, but also the oldest citizens," Loncar said.

"It all depends on us, so far we have shown that the measures we have prescribed have yielded results. Many countries in the region would change with us. However, we see that there has been a relaxation, and we can expect a growing number of the newly infected. Measures are only good if are respected, so it's up to us", the minister added.

He emphasized that the coronavirus is still there and that people must adhere to the measures, because otherwise big problems can occur.

When it comes to Montenegro, Minister Lončar, due to earlier allegations of political influences, stated that politics does not affect people's health and treatment.

"A large number of Montenegrin citizens come to Serbia for treatment, students in Belgrade are graduating from college. We have a large number of doctors from Serbia who go to Montenegro to treat people and train their doctors," Loncar said.

"The decision will not be political, but the one that is best for the citizens of Serbia. Regardless of the decision, I appeal to all citizens who return from vacation, not to run immediately to see everyone. Let them wait a few days," the Minister of Health emphasized.

He emphasized that the situation in schools is good and that everyone adheres to the measures, which is very important.

"Thanks to the Ministry of Education and epidemiologists, measures are better maintained in schools than in public transport, clubs... As he stated, if children can adhere to the measures, then every citizen should adhere to the basic recommendations. The Minister especially appealed to students and young people who gather in clubs and at celebrations", Loncar said.

He pointed out that he does not support the relaxation of the current measures of the Crisis Staff for the suppression of coronavirus in Serbia.

"I am not in favor of easing the measures, in our country it is misunderstood and everything is moving in a different direction," Minister Lončar said.

As he stated, no one has yet fulfilled all the conditions for the production of the coronavirus vaccine.

"We will never experiment with that. If we tell you something, we recommend it, it means that we would do it, too," he said.

He said that he expects a vaccine against COVID-19 around the New Year.


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