Meeting of Crisis Staff was held: Are there new measures?

The epidemiological situation in Serbia is stable, but there is still a significant number of newly infected, said the epidemiologist, Darija Kisić Tepavčević.

Source: B92, Tanjug

„Now more than ever, we have to be responsible, conscientious and give our contribution to suppress the transmission of the virus in our population as soon as possible“, said Dr Kisić Tepavčević after the meeting of Crisis Staff.

She emphasized that the number of infected and dying from the virus is decreasing, but it is still necessary to take all measures, wearing masks, distance, washing hands...

Dr Kisić Tepavčević stated that no new measures were adopted at today’s meeting of Crisis Staff, and that the evaluations showed that these measures gave results.
As she added, Serbia is on a right path when it comes to fighting the virus.

According to the deputy director of „Batut“ Institute, it is early to talk about the transmission of the virus in schools, because only four days have passed since the beginning of the school year.

She reminded of the two examples, where children were infected before the beginning of school year, and added that all services reacted well in order to prevent spread of the virus.

„Batut made protocols in case of the virus in schools and how they will react in that situation“, she said.


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