Kon: The vaccine will not provide the safest protection; Masks for a longer period

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon stated that there's a quiet satisfaction with current epidemiological circumstances, but it's far from being in a favorable situation  

Source: Tanjug
Foto: B92, arhiva
Foto: B92, arhiva

Kon told RTS that the numbers still show that we have no "zero" situation anywhere.

He pointed out that the creation of collective immunity without vaccination would take several years, so much is expected from the vaccine.

"Miracle is expected from a vaccine, and miracles generally don't happen", Kon pointed out.

He added that the vaccine that is coming will not provide the safest protection, but that it is currently the best that the world can expect.

Deputy Director of the "Batut" Institute, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, stated that the situation is stabilizing on the territory of the entire country, and that improved numbers are the result of respecting preventive measures.

"There must be no relaxation, and we will wear masks for a longer period of time," Kisic Tepavcev told RTS.

Pointing out that the epidemiological situation is becoming more favorable, she pointed out that there must be no relaxation, because a "significant" number of those tested are positive for the coronavirus every day.

"We have less pressure on the health system, but there are almost 9.000 people with active infection in Serbia, four fifths are in home isolation, but that is a significant number that tells us of the potential reservoirs of infection that can spread the infection," Kisic Tepavcevic warned.

According to her, we must all act as if we are transmitting an infection.

She stated that the number of infected people in Belgrade and Novi Sad is declining, but that the new numbers are still high, and added that the number of infected people is increasing in Kikinda, where the epidemiological situation is being monitored.

"We will wear masks for a longer period of time, we should be ready for that, so it should become a part of our routine because it saves lives," Kisić Tepavčević said.

She said that the pressure on the health system lessened and that a reorganization will be done soon so that the hospitals will move to non-COVID system.

Kisic Tepavcevic added that, when it comes to Belgrade, it is rather certain that the City Hospital of Zvezdara will remain COVID hospital in the next period.


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