Dr Kisić Tepavčević explained how the first day of school will look like

Deputy Director of the "Batut" Institute says that attendance of students without respiratory infections is the basis of the new teaching regime from September.

Source: Beta

Kisić Tepvačević emphasized the importance of implementing the prescribed protection measures in the fight against coronavirus in schools and added that students can wear protective masks made of any material.

She told RTS that the first day of the new school year will be dedicated to educating elementary and high school students about coronavirus prevention.

"When entering the school, the child will have to put on a mask and go to his desk, we recommend that the mask be worn constantly. Since the number of pupils per classroom will be reduced, children will have their own four square meters and they will be able to take the mask off because the physical distance will be provided", Kisic Tepavcevic said.

In all other cases, when children go on breaks or to the sanitary facilities, they will have to wear masks, she added.

If the symptoms of the infection are noticed by the teacher or the student for the first time at school, the teacher will interrupt the classes and report to the COVID clinic, and the children will contact the teacher who will send them to the isolation room, and the parents will pick them up shortly.

She pointed out that in addition to the health and safety of children in schools, the priority is to enable continuous teaching within school facilities.

Speaking about the vaccine against the coronavirus, which was registered in Russia, Kisić Tepvačević said that the origin of the vaccine is not important, but its safety and efficiency.

She reiterated that for the import of the vaccine, it is necessary for it to receive a safety certificate from Serbian experts.

She added that Serbia is negotiating with several vaccine manufacturers, with some it has signed a "memorandum of cooperation", but she could not say which manufacturers are exactly in question.


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