295 newly infected, 9 people died

In the last 24 hours, another 295 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Serbia, out of 9.858 tested.

Source: B92
Printskrin TV B92
Printskrin TV B92

Nine more people died.

There are 132 people on the respirator.

The number of hospitalized patients is 3.315.

The total number tested so far is 713.104, while the total number of registered cases of the virus is 27.033. So far, 614 people have died from the effects of the corona virus.

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, is attending the conference.

"Our percentages are slowly decreasing and the pressure on our health care system is weakening", Prime Minister Ana Brnabić pointed out, announcing a report with data from the previous 24 hours.

As she said, we are approaching the fall season more ready than in the coming months.

Dr Predrag Kon said that the epidemiological situation is slightly improving and that there is a gradual lowering in the number of patients in the hospitals.

"The number of examinations in Belgrade is being monitored and there is a clear decrease compared to the past."

Epidemiologist Kon said that the measures are still mandatory.

"We have a transition from a clearly unsuitable to an uncertain situation," Kon conc;uded.

Brnabic: I understand the frustration and I share it

Pritnskrin B92 TV
Pritnskrin B92 TV

Regarding the petition of the doctors about the change of the Crisis Staff, Ana Brnabić says that those doctors should comment on their dissatisfaction.

"We see frustrations all over the world. In Italy, they filed a private lawsuit against Prime Minister Conte because he did not introduce measures in a certain area ... I understand the frustration and I can say that I share it. July was one of the most difficult months in our lives. The whole world was taken by surprise. We did our best and fought. We are now much more ready to welcome autumn season," Brnabić said.

She stated that the list includes doctors who left Serbia, so they might not be able to know well how our health care system works.

"We're going to open another COVID lab, we're going to open two more COVID hospitals."

The measures will be lifted gradually, the masks will remain in force

Prinskrin B92 TV
Prinskrin B92 TV

Dr Kon said about the United Doctors Against Kovid petiton: "We are on the same side".

Clear instructions for schools

"I listened carefully to Minister Šarčević. I strive to give clear criteria for how school administrations will work, not to give models so that they could decide for themselves. I'm in favor of giving clear criteria to schools. Online teaching is something that worked well, it gave good results. We were the only country in Europe that did not lose a day of classes during the pandemic," Prime Minister Brnabic said.

We are working on introducing additional digital textbooks, she added.


Kon: The situation is no longer an emergency

Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff Predrag Kon stated today that the current epidemiological situation cannot be defined as an emergency.

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Five died, 161 newly infected

In the last 24 hours in Serbia, another 161 newly infected people were registered and five people died.

Society Thursday, August 20, 2020 21:14 Comments: 0

Kon: It’s not realistic

Yesterday’s data, which shows that another 100 people were infected by coronavirus, is significant and encouraging, , stated doctor Predrag Kon.

Society Tuesday, August 18, 2020 17:42 Comments: 0
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