Kon: This virus has no intention of leaving; school year - an essential issue VIDEO

Epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon pointed out that currently the most important issue in the fight against coronavirus is children attending new school year.

Source: B92
Printskrin: TV B92
Printskrin: TV B92

"All indicators show that the activity of the virus on the territory of Belgrade is decreasing, which is good news, but on the other hand it still shows high activity, the epidemiological situation is still uncertain," epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon said at a press conference.

The more severe forms are now related to the older population, which means that the younger ones passed the virus onto the older population, said the commander of the Karaburma Military Hospital, Ivo Udovicic, and added that some of the younger patients went home with damaged lungs. Their fate is still uncertain.

"The fact is that if you have a situation like this, to have 100.000 people who don't know they're infected and to pass it on to someone."

"Public baths are under the jurisdiction of the city, and punishment is difficult to carry out, but there must be some control," Kon pointed out.

"Going to school is an essential and most important issue at the moment because new school year is approaching. In the Crisis Staff, we received letters with models that Minister Šarčević mentioned. I must emphasize that some things were well assessed by the educators themselves."

Whether it is useful if there is an appropriate distance to wear masks or to make a mechanism when they will be taken off, this still needs to be discussed. It is not easy to make decisions on that issue, Kon pointed out.

He said that he would consult pediatricians about kindergartens, as before.

"What are we going to do when this starts to calm down, that's the question. Whether there will be concessions or some things will be permanently banned, we will discuss that within the crisis staff, but also with the public, very possibly."

Influenza vaccination for children is mandatory only for those who have some chronic diseases, he reminded. In this situation, it will be the same recommendation as always.

The arrival of summer did not affect this virus much, according to Kon's explanation.

"This virus has no season at all and has no intention of leaving the territory, globally, and it is not likely that it will all stop soon. The option for the virus to disappear is still theoretically possible. But if, day by day, you have a large number of newly infected globally then that option is getting smaller and smaller. We have a case of forming new collectives, in this case in September, that's what epidemiologists always closely monitor. "


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