Vrnjacka Banja warned; "I am not in charge of Nestorovic" VIDEO

Depending on the characteristics of the coronavirus vaccine, medical experts will decide on its being mandatory for the citizens of Serbia

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Prinskrin B92 TV
Prinskrin B92 TV

"The attitude of pediatricians is that insisting that children wear masks at all costs is not the best recommendation," the director of Batut Institute, Verica Jovanovic stated.

When it comes to children, who also have respiratory problems, it will be decided in agreement with pediatricians.

Children more than two years old should wear masks. It will be applied in accordance with the composition of the children's groups and where they are located. They should not be in larger groups.

"Considering that this is a summer period and annual vacations, with the increased activity of the coronavirus in our country, there will be more detailed instructions on prescribed measures," Jovanovic pointed out.

Prinskrin B92 TV
Prinskrin B92 TV

"There is still no vaccine that is registered for use, that has passed all the necessary tests. The whole world wants to be in the forefront in this field and do best for their citizens. What is important is that the profession determines whether the vaccine is mandatory or not, depending on its characteristics. However, the vaccine will be at least recommended, especially for high-risk people - health workers, those suffering from chronical illness... The state will try to provide sufficient quantities and make it available to everyone", Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar said.

"Unfortunately, we still feel the consequences of the protest when it comes to the number of infected," Loncar said.

Revision of data from the database is a common process in every database and country around the world, Jovanovic pointed out. There are state laws on how data is collected.

When a person is in self-isolation, and there is no paper to justify his absence from work, Loncar says that no one will be harmed.

"If the test hasn't been performed on specific day, it will be done on the next day. It is important that the person who is in self-isolation is in good health, without serious symptoms."

The director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Goran Stevanovic, said that there are two periods when the disease is expected to worsen, it is the second half of the first and the second week of illness. There is no common characteristic that would stand out for one age group.

Asked if the information that obese people most often die from coronavirus is true, Stevanovic said that male mortality is higher.

"The fact is that people who are obese, if they have a severe clinical picture, have a higher risk of complications."

Regarding the transmission of the virus by air, he points out that there is talk all the time about the airborne transmission.

"We have a problem in Sabac, Kraljevo and Cacak, in addition to the capital. From those hospitals, part of the patients was transferred to Belgrade. Our teams from the Clinical Center and the army are in that area to provide temporary hospitals," Loncar said.

"The people in those areas should pay attention to strict adherence to the measures."

He appealed to the people in Vrnjacka Banja, because people from these places go to places of greater contagion, to take new measures in order to prevent Vrnjacka Banja from becoming a new hot spot.

"We warn them on time, we have that information from today."

When asked about the absence of Dr Branimir Nestorovic and whether he is still a member of the Crisis Staff, minister answered: "As for Nestorovic, I don't know, I'm not in charge of him, I can't give you that information."


"We are in a difficult situation"

Serbia is still in a difficult but stable epidemiological situation, infectologist and member of the Crisis Staff Prof. Mijomir Pelemis stated.

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EU spokesman Peter Stano explained everything

The European Union High Representative's Spokesman Peter Stano stated that the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina will be ready when both sides agree on it

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