Chaos again, protesters throw torches at police; police fires tear gas VIDEO / PHOTO

Protesters gathered tonight in front of the National Assembly and in Pioneer Park. There have been several incidents, which in the end provoked police reaction.

Source: B92
Printskrin TV Prva
Printskrin TV Prva

00:10 Silence after the storm. Most of the demonstrators are dispersed.

00:08 The most violent protesters tonight were aggressive towards journalists and cameramen. During the attack on the assembly, they also attacked the journalists of Tanjug, tried to hit them, with curses. Two journalists and cameramen of Kurir television were injured, hooligans beat them with sticks and threw stones at them.

23:55 Riots on the corner with Takovska Street. Protesters throw torches at police, retaliating with tear gas.

23:53 The largest number of demonstrators was pushed towards Nikola Pasic Square. The police are still in two crowds, in front of the Assembly and towards the street. The gathered, about a hundred of them, are kept at a distance by the police on the boulevard. It seems that more tear gas was thrown.

23:46 The plateau in front of the Assembly is clean, it seems that there are people only towards the beginning of King Alexander Boulevard.

23:42 Brutal attacks on police lasted more than 10 minutes.

23:31 Part of the demonstrators in the Boulevard near the Church of St. Mark. The police are at the entrance to the Boulevard. For now, no direct conflict.

23:27 Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Stones are still flying towards the police, and tear gas was thrown again.

23.18 After a series of attacks, the gendarmerie reacts. The cordon moved from the stairs, a little further from the Assembly to the street.

Printskrin TV Prva
Printskrin TV Prva

23.14 After a period of peaceful protest, conflicts again. The hooligans shoot the police with torches, stones and firecrackers, so they retreat to the crowd. Some of them also carry a metal fence. Some of the demonstrators disperse, the most extreme remain, intensify the attacks and set up a fence towards the police.

22.57 The Beta team was attacked during the protest. Due to the injuries, the journalist and the photographer were admitted to the Emergency Center.

22.28 According to the media, the son of the former minister, associate of Ivica Dacic, was arrested while trying to break into the Assembly.

Printskrin TV Prva
Printskrin TV Prva

22.25 The tension weakened, the situation is a bit calmer. No conflict.

21.53 reporter tells us that the atmosphere today is completely different compared to Thursday, in short "like yin and yang". There are fewer protesters gathered compared to the previous days. A large number of police officers are present, but there are also many fewer of them compared to the previous days, and they are still restrained. Hooligans hit the door with firecrackers and fireworks. At this moment, a cordon came from the direction of Takovska Street, but it did not react.

21.47 A large number of gendarmes arrived from the direction of Takovska. There was an incident from the direction of King Alexander Boulevard towards the Assembly. The situation is calming down.

Printskrin TV Prva Printskrin TV Prva
Printskrin TV Prva Printskrin TV Prva

21:36 Protesters bombarded police with stones. A fence was broken in front of the National Assembly, and a small number of police officers were present.

21:34 Terrible scenes of violence, although there are 30 percent fewer demonstrators than in previous days, Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said. As he further states, stones and torches fly towards the Assembly and the police.

"The scenes in front of the National Assembly are for every condemnation," he says for TV Prva.

According to him, members of the police persevere and suffer what happens to them.

“These people are in an unenviable situation,” he adds.

21:28 After the protester was stabbed with a knife, a man who is considered to be responsible for that act was arrested, reports TV Prva.

21:18 Protesters throw torches in the direction of the Assembly. Firecrackers and cannon fire were heard. A TV Prva reporter reports that a protective fence was breached, and protesters targeted Parliament's security.

21:10 As reported by the reporter of TV Prva, the first torches were lit. All the protesters are standing.


21:03 Another incident happened. A man in a "Obraz" T-shirt, banned in 2012, tried to jump over the fence near the Assembly, but was prevented from doing so.

20:55 The media report that the first incident took place in front of the Assembly. As it is stated, in the conflict of the group of demonstrators, one pulled out a knife, and several of them broke through the fence at the entrance to the Serbian Parliament. As we find out, one of the right-wingers belonging to the group gathered around the former member of the banned organization "Obraz, Mladen Obradovic" was stabbed. According to the latest information, he was stabbed twice.

Foto: screenshot
Foto: screenshot

20:48 SZS activist Marijana Markovic posted the status on social networks: "It is unlikely that some Aleksandar was in power in Serbia, that he came down from it alive. I mean, let's say, it is not right to spoil the tradition."

20:36 In front of the Assembly is a former member of Obraz, an organization that was banned in 2012, Mladen Obradovic. He gave a speech using a megaphone.

Foto: B92/SD
Foto: B92/SD

20:27 Members of the Alliance for Serbia are also participating in today's protests. Protesters in Novi Sad blocked the highway to Belgrade, and Marinika Tepic from Party of Freedom and Justice announced on her Twitter profile: "Yesterday we started blocking several intersections in Novi Sad. Today we are on the right path." The media report that the gendarmerie will try to prevent the Novi Sad-Belgrade highway from being blocked.

The leader of Dveri, Bosko Obradovic, is also taking part in the protests in Cacak.


20:17 There is information that the gathering will be at the roundabout on Slavija, but there are no demonstrators there at the moment. A large number of young people are going in the direction of the Assembly.

20:12 The protest is currently peaceful, the citizens are mostly standing. Vuk Jeremic, the president of the People's Party, is also present in the Pioneer Park.

20:02 The media report that there was a verbal conflict between leftists and rightists at the protest.

As it is stated, an incident took place in front of the National Assembly when right-wingers verbally clashed, who, according to banners, "defend" Kosovo and Crimea, and left-wingers, who, they say, come to "support doctors" in the fight against coronavirus. Representatives of the left bloc carried banners that read "We will not be cheap labor", "Health is available to everyone", and handed out papers on which they wrote requests, including the request for the government to give up the introduction of curfew during the epidemic.

One of them, a young man from the group of the left bloc, said into a megaphone that they had come to support the medical workers, and then the rightists approached him and a discussion ensued as to who represents whom and who represents the people.

19:52 Among those gathered is also the president of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac.

19:47 Members of the Left Bloc arrived in front of the Assembly of Serbia, where dozens of right-wingers are already present.

19:35 The traffic in front of the parliament was stopped around 7.30 pm.

19:30 - Srdjan Nogo is also in front of the assembly. Protesters are sitting on planters next to the protective fence, which separates them from the parliament, and on which they have placed a banner that reads "Kosovo is Serbia", "There is no division, no surrender" and "Crimea is Russia".

At one point, members of the police came to the steps of that institution, but after a few minutes they took refuge.

The police are deployed on Nikola Pasic Square and around the parliament, and most of them are at the entrance from Kosovska Street.

19:13 A supporter of Srdjan Nogo was arrested at the very beginning of the protest in Belgrade, the media reported.

19:06 Several dozen members of right-wing organizations, as well as part of the opposition, gathered today at around 19.00 in front of the Serbian Parliament, despite the critical epidemiological situation in Belgrade and epidemiological measures that include a ban on organized gatherings of more than 10 people in the open.


"We are in a difficult situation"

Serbia is still in a difficult but stable epidemiological situation, infectologist and member of the Crisis Staff Prof. Mijomir Pelemis stated.

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EU spokesman Peter Stano explained everything

The European Union High Representative's Spokesman Peter Stano stated that the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina will be ready when both sides agree on it

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