While we wait for curfew, Kon says...

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon stated today that there are indications that the situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic in Belgrade is improving

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"After three days, we have between 400 and 450 potential COVID infected people, and before that, we had about 600, even more, on a daily basis," Kon told N1 television.

He added that there are first indications that the situation is getting better. 

He said that new COVID hospitals are being opened for preventive reasons.

"It must be understood that the virus is still here," he said, adding that there is no doubt that the coronavirus will be suppressed in a couple of weeks, but a new wave could follow, the strength of which will depend on collective immunity.

He stated that there is a lack of medical staff and that it will have to be filled.

"Measures in terms of the need for maximum prevention of contacts are, among other things, those announced by President Vucic. The main indicator when these measures would be implemented is the occupancy of health institutions in Belgrade. At one point, there were 300 patients hospitalized per day. "We will not fall into that situation, we must not allow ourselves to have no capacities in the medical institutions. Now, we have capacity expanded in Banjica and in the Arena," he explained.

Speaking about the new COVID hospitals that are planned to be built, Dr Kon said that this is normal way of thinking.

"All this is done preventively, it must be understood that the virus is still there. We will suppress it again in a couple of weeks and be in an acceptable situation. It will take about a month again until it starts to rise. Again, it depends on collective immunity. "New wave may be more difficult than this. Now we have problems with capacity and it is normal to think that capacities are needed for an even more difficult situation," Dr Kon said, adding that "one must communicate with the public, to communicate everything. what we think about and that when something like that happens, we don't have this kind of despair that was expressed yesterday and that I can understand. It really made me sad."

When it comes to the curfew that President Aleksandar Vucic announced for the upcoming weekend, Dr Kon said that the assessment is done on a daily basis.

"The Crisis Staff has 40 people, and the conversation led between me and the President does not present an official decision of the Crisis Staff, regardless of the fact that he places great trust in me. These are just the first thoughts, that he went public with it is his decision, maybe I am grateful for that, but the reaction followed. No one thinks of harassing anyone, but our only goal is to always have a healthy health system. At the moment, our main goal is saving lives. We have to monitor the situation day by day, there is no other way", Kon said.

He noted that the main goal is to prevent contacts so that the virus does not spread further.

"When I talked to the president about the new measures, we only talked about Belgrade. I emphasize that the situation is changing. We must prevent contacts and that is the main goal. It is most effectively prevented by introducing the harshest measures," Dr Kon concluded.


"We are in a difficult situation"

Serbia is still in a difficult but stable epidemiological situation, infectologist and member of the Crisis Staff Prof. Mijomir Pelemis stated.

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