Kon: We are in the week of maximum level of infection

Epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon says that we are in the week of the maximum when it comes to the growing number of newly infected.

Source: RTS

Gradual decline in numbers is expected next week.

In a conversation with RTS, Dr Predrag Kon said that the intensity of virus transmission in Belgrade has been extremely high from the beginning. At the moment, he says, we are in the week of the maximum when it comes to the increase in the number of newly infected.

"After this week, we can expect that, with the implementation of the measures, we will gradually feel the reduction of registered cases," Kon said.

Today, the Government of Serbia should vote on new measures - closing of night clubs and cafes in Belgrade from 11 pm to 6 am, fines for not wearing a mask in transport and a maximum number of 100 people indoors.

Dr Kon reiterates that the most basic measure is to use a mask, with introducing sanctions if it is not done.

"This measure completely prevents the transmission of the virus indoors," Kon said.

He points out that, if the new measures are respected, only the theoretical possibility of increasing the number of patients remains.

"If everyone wears masks, the transmission of the virus is reduced by 99 percent. That is a sufficient measure to significantly alleviate this situation and to move from an unfavorable situation to an insecure one.


"We are in a difficult situation"

Serbia is still in a difficult but stable epidemiological situation, infectologist and member of the Crisis Staff Prof. Mijomir Pelemis stated.

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