"Significant leap in the number of patients at the Infectious Diseases Clinic"

Deputy Director of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases Ivana Milosevic said that 60 patients were accommodated in that institution, 40 with COVID-19

Source: B92
Foto: Getty/ Francois Nel
Foto: Getty/ Francois Nel

She said that there are more serious patients among them.

"One is on mechanical ventilation - on a respirator, and the other on non-invasive mechanical ventilation, with a potential need for a respirator," Milosevic explained to RTS.

According to her, there was a significant leap in the number of examined on Friday, but not a large number of admitted patients.

"Now, among those examined, there are those who have essentially nothing to do with the new coronavirus, but were sent because someone suspected it. Secondly, there is a significant number of patients who have a milder clinical picture," she said.

Dr Milosevic states that many institutions have been excluded from the COVID system, and now all patients are treated at the Infectious Diseases Clinic or at the VMC Karaburma.

"Therefore, it is very good that we do not have a large number of hospitalized because there is no risk of exceeding the medical capacity for receiving these patients," Milosevic concluded.


276 newly infected, three died

According to the latest information, another 276 newly infected people have been registered in Serbia, while three have died.

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