"What Nestorovic said is not true"; Tiodorovic in favor of lifting all restrictions

Dr Branislav Tiodorovic pledged for the immediate abolition of most measures

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Printskrin/TV Prva
Printskrin/TV Prva

"We should ease all the measures immediately, so that there are no more restrictions. Let all sports events, all manifestations be held normally... Well, today, students should also go to school, although only those who would like to improve their grades. Only with concerts, we'll have to wait until June 15. The whole world is doing that. Let people live normally. With masks and gloves, where necessary, we will be coronavirus free in 14 days, I guarantee it," he said in an interview with "Kurir".

He emphasized the importance of hand washing and stated that gloves are only justified to wear on jobs such as those that include touching of many products by hand during production.

"Waiters shouldn't wear gloves either, because gloves only protect them, but not the customers, if they touch everything with the same gloves. Waiters should wash their hands every hour because that's the only way to protect guests. And be sure to wear masks. It's pointless to wear masks outdoors", Tiodorovic pointed out.

He stated that there was no case in Serbia where someone contracted the coronavirus twice.

He believes that our population will receive the vaccine in the 2021/22 season.

"I really don't think there will be another wave in the fall."

When asked if he is bothered by the statements of Dr Branimir Nestorovic, he says that he would be much sharper in his answer than his colleagues Darija Kisic Tepavcevic and Predrag Kon.

"It is not true that we were not ready at all and that we did not know what we were doing, that there was total chaos, as Prof. Nestorovic said at the panel on Friday. My colleagues Darija Kisic Tepavcevic and Predrag Kon answered him very diplomatically that we knew exactly what we were doing, they should have responded much sharper and I wouldn't be a diplomat at all. Why on earth would he say that?! Of course we knew what we were doing. This virus is novel, but this is neither our first epidemic nor our first pandemic. Prof. Dr Vladimir Petrovic from the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina and I worked on the swine flu pandemic in 2009/10 and now we know exactly what we are doing. I will not comment on other statements and public addresses of Professor Nestorovic".


276 newly infected, three died

According to the latest information, another 276 newly infected people have been registered in Serbia, while three have died.

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