"That is the position of Nestorovic, the virus hasn't lost its power" VIDEO

Epidemiologist Dr Branislav Tiodorovic did not agree with the statement of pulmonologist Dr Branimir Nestorovic that now everyone should get infected.

Source: B92
Printskrin/TV Prva
Printskrin/TV Prva

In the morning program of TV Prva, Tiodorovic pointed out that it was not the virus that was weakening, but the epidemic.

"That is the position of Nestorovic. I must say that it is harder for clinicians because they are taking care of the treatment, they see what is the tip of the iceberg, and we are far below the iceberg, determining and considering what else can happen.

Everyone is responsible for their statement, prognosis, and we epidemiologists have said that there will be a decline only after Easter, which happened, and that I think we will have a completely controlled situation in May, but when the transport starts, there will be possible exceptions.

"The fact that Nestrovic said that we should all be infected can refer to children, young people," Tiodorovic said, stating that there are different interpretations in the epidemic.

"My position is clear, it is the position of an epidemiologist. As long as the epidemic lasts, there are sources of infection, there are patients, measures must be applied. Since the state of emergency has been lifted, measures must be taken. Masks must still be a part of our lives, personal hygiene as well."

He said that there was a large crowd in front of the Institute in Nis, but that large number of people were being tested, adding that there are six people less on the respirator.


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