157 newly infected registered today, a total of 9.362 VIDEO

Four more coronavirus patients have died in Serbia, a press conference said. The total number of deaths is now 189.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: Getty images/ Francois Nel
Ilustracija: Getty images/ Francois Nel

There are total of 9.362 people infected.

In total, 189 people in Serbia died from the virus COVID-19. The mortality rate is 2.02, it has been reported on covid19.rs website.

So far, 96.637 people have been tested, in the last 24 hours 5.086.

2.286 people were hospitalized and 1.426 were cured.

Deputy Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Belgrade, Dr Ivana Milosevic, said that the measures in Serbia will be relaxed since Monday, May 4, but it is important for citizens to be cautious.

She explained that she could not say as a doctor when the curfew would be lifted, but that it was only natural for the curfew to be abolished when the measures were sufficiently relaxed.

When it comes to quarantine upon returning from abroad, it will depend on what country the person in question comes from, but some kind of quarantine will exist, although it is still unknown how long it will last.

Dr Milosevic said it would all depend on the number of patients in the summer.

"I don't believe that all countries will allow normal traffic and travel as before. We will see how things will look," Milosevic added.


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