Six more deaths from coronavirus confirmed; "Emergency measures can be re-introduced"

According to the latest information, 6 people died of coronavirus in Serbia by 3 pm

Source: B92
Screenshot/TV B92
Screenshot/TV B92

Two men and four women have died from COVID-19, bringing death toll to 185, with a mortality rate of 2.01 percent.

5.906 people were tested, and 196 samples turned back positive.

A total number of COVID-19 cases was 9.205, while 1.379 patients have recovered so far.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Serbia, a total of 91.551 people were tested.

To date, 2.375 COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospitals, including 65 on respirators.

We are also facing the first weekend during which citizens will be able to go outside, after seven in a row during which a complete ban on movement was in effect.

"The message is clear - no gathering. We have mitigated the measures, but it doesn't have to cost us," immunologist Dr Srdja Jankovic said, adding that we are compromising everything we have achieved if we do not respect it.

He also answered the question of how many are actually infected in Serbia, or how many more there are than the official number.

"Estimates range from 1: 5, 1:10; it's higher, but it's not so drastically higher that we can say that most of the population is infected" Jankovic said.

Kon said the death toll was worrying, but that it was due to something done two or three weeks ago.

He added that with the abolition of the state of emergency, the elderly will be able to move as before.

"It will not be possible to limit it. I hope that we are all aware that they are endangered and that there is no dilemma and that contact bans apply to everyone, but primarily because of them," he said.

Kon also doubted that such measures would be returned.

"We will not be declaring an end of the epidemic until a pandemic has been declared. Therefore, all those extraordinary measures that go with the declaration will be re-imposed at any time if needs be," he said.


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