Fewer people at the Fair: "Patients are impatient, showing dissatisfaction" VIDEO

There are currently 216 patients in the temporary hospital in Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair, temporary hospital coordinator Dr Veljko Milic said

Source: Tanjug, prva
Printskrin: TV Prva
Printskrin: TV Prva

The number of people is two times lower than at this time last week.

He tells TV Prva that in the last few tests, they have had a large percentage of negative results on COVID-19.

"103 patients were discharged yesterday, in the previous days there was a similar proportion of positives and negatives. On the basis of the fact that the number of patients is almost halved, we are under impression that the pandemic is waning," Dr Milic said.

Responding to a question about a number of patients complaining about waiting for the test results for a long time, Dr Milic said that there were four days in a row last week of testing, that it sometimes happens that the results do not arrive within the prescribed time limit, and asks patients to just be a little bit more patient.

"If the finding does is not finished within 24 hours, it may come later, patients are impatient and therefore there is dissatisfaction," he says.

He warns that asymptomatic patients may experience exacerbation of symptoms in the form of shortness of breath, a drop in peripheral oxygen saturation, and a decrease in cardiac output.

"Most of the time, hospitalization is then required and we send them to the COVID hospital, an infectious and tropical disease clinic," Dr Milic explained.

Describing the organization of medical staff in a temporary hospital, Dr Milic recalled that the eight-hour shifts consist of doctors and medical technicians from health centers.

The military disinfects areas in front of a temporary hospital several times a day, the Bureau of Biocides disinfects the green and yellow zones, and there is one door that is locked which leads into the hall, into the red zone, the doctor explained.

The temporary hospital is organized in such a way that the entrance for the teams wearing protective equipment is separated from the so-called "dirty exit". Next to that outlet is a smaller tent that houses disinfectants and pumps. "Patients and luggage must be disinfected before they go home. They get a protective suit, mask, gloves and disinfect to prevent them from taking the virus home," Dr Milic explained.

On the other side, there is a second, larger tent and there comes medical staff upon completion of the shift to disinfect.


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