"People are already fed up with all this and I understand that" VIDEO

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon told TV Prva that the coronavirus in Serbia is slowing down and that figures will show it in the coming days

Source: B92, prva
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

He told Television Prva that many more people are being tested in Serbia now than before, with more than 3.000 being tested yesterday.

"With lethality, we practically detect the number of deaths from the positive, that is, the proven infected. But that number is not completely reliable, because we do not know how many undiscovered there are who got sick. "No one in the world currently has that information," he said.

Kon said the death toll per 100.000 population, or mortality, can be compared.

When asked why younger people are dying in Serbia than in the world, Kon explained that this is because of the introduced measure that people over 65 do not go outside.

On the suspending measures for pensioners, he said "it will definitely be after Easter."

"We know that one month's detention can start to negatively affect them. These measures need to be relaxed. They are the first to be able to walk. Up to 300 meters away from home within half an hour, three times a day. Whether there will be more depends on further arrangements at the Crisis Staff", he said.

As for the curfew, Kon said it depends on the information we will receive in the coming days.

"As soon as the weekend opens, everyone will run out. We are aware of that, it is very important that the virus level be so low that it will not lead to its new awakening", Kon said.

Talking about the future after the virus, Kon said that the world would certainly not be the same.

"We will just all live with the coronavirus. We must accept certain risks and live with it. Aware of these risks, we need to share different attitude, especially with the elderly," Kon said.

He announced that he would see to it that 'normal' life be introduced as soon as possible.

"People are fed up with this and I understand that. There will be a lot of impatience. This is the fight of the whole nation against the virus," Kon concluded.

Kon said he felt serious support from the authorities and was particularly pleased with the message of Serbian Patriarch Irinej.

"I think that message and this holiday is something that has completely united the entire nation of this country. Now, with great optimism, we will move on. We will win this, that is for sure. We will destroy this monster and return to normal life," Kon stated.


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