Today's decision: how long curfew will last?; "We are considering loosening measures"

In Serbia, coronavirus is under control, Dr Branimir Nestorovic said. He says the Crisis Staff will decide today how long curfew will last during Easter

Source: Tanjug

The situation is, he says, under control, adding that so far only tightening measures have been taken, and that now the easing measures is being considered.

"When you look at the map of Europe, we remained as an island isolated from the corona. The Czech Republic, Slovakia went well. We had a good organization, a little luck with the warm weather. The situation is really good, now we can plan a schedule of actions that we can take", he stated.

He points out that the epidemic is declining when the number of discharged and cured people exceeds the number of newly infected people in one day and that this is almost the case in Serbia.

"The other day, we had 242 cured and discharged and 230 newly infected. And here we are. When you look at all those curves in Europe, we see that we are now at the stage where Italy was two weeks ago when the number started to fall. The number of the infected is not increasing", he stated.

There is, he says, another danger of the virus now entering homes for the elderly and stressing that it would be bad.

"We have to wait for the virus to completely weaken and open the homes for the elderly. That will be over," he told TV Pink.

As he says, the question now is how many people are incubated, how many have been infected in the previous days, and there is no problem, as they will get sick in the next two weeks.

He emphasized that the next two weeks are crucial because of the people currently incubated, who will develop a clinical picture in the coming days.


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