Kon: Total ban on any contact; There is no talk of repealing measures VIDEO

There are 219 new cases of coronavirus registered in Serbia, while four have died in the last 24 hours

Source: B92
Screenshot/TV B92
Screenshot/TV B92

All the deceased are male patients.

At the moment, there are 112 people on respirators.

There are 38 patients at the Infectious Disease Clinic (9 on the respirator), 16 patients at the NIS Clinic, 127 patients at the Vojvodina Clinic (7 on the respirator), 57 patients at the Kragujevac Clinic (10 on the respirator), and 259 patients (37 on the respirator), Pulmonology Clinic 76 patients (6 on respirator), old building KC Nis 23 patients (12 on respirator), department of pulmonology KC Nis 33 patients, in Zemun 335 patients (20 on the respirator), Zvezdara 361 patients (11 on respirator), Belgrade Fair - 124 patients, Cair Sports Hall in Nis 171 patients, Novi Sad Fair - 48 persons, at the Military Medical Center 48 patients.

Dr Predrag Kon pointed out that there is still no talk of repealing the measures and that this is a topic we can discuss in future.

"The data shows that we are reaching the peak of the epidemic and that we are at that maximum. The peak can take about two weeks and after that we can expect a decrease," said Kon.

He said he advocated a total ban on contact.

"I'm in favor of a total ban on contacts. That would mean you can't see two people together on the street. My idea is more serious than a ban on moving", he said.

He added that we would be in much bigger trouble if we had not introduced a state of emergency. He confirmed that it was confirmed at the Crisis Staff that the military hospital in Nis would be open for COVID free citizens.

"In Nis, the military hospital will be open for the citizens, and the new building of the clinical center will be completely COVID devoted hospital. Infectologists from the military hospital in Nis will move to that new COVID hospital. This is necessary because Nis is filling up relatively quickly", he said. He added that Belgrade was considered to have capacity and was considering freeing space and moving to the Fair.

At the gynecological-obstetric ward in Sabac, one midwife was infected.

"She will, according to my information, go to the Belgrade Fair," Kon said.

In Bor, a member of the police department died. He was not COVID-positive.

The curfew on Friday starts from 5 pm and runs until 5 am on Monday. Speaking of potential exemptions, experts said pensioners would be able to go to the stores on Friday from 4 to 7 am, while the old rules apply to pets.

Kon also talked about the promptness of getting results of COVID testing.

"There is a need to pull healthcare professionals from somewhere. We still have problems with the promptness of issuing test results, but this is an administrative-logistical thing. It is not about tests, it is not about capability of the staff, but we do not have adequate capacity of those who are ready to insert data, that is a problem as particular medical education is necessary in order to do be able to do that. We cannot rely only on technicians. It can complicate things, the wrong Personal ID number carries further mistakes", Kon said, adding that these people should work in infectious conditions, where they have not been before, so they have resistance to it and that is a serious problem.

He also referred to the celebration of the coming holidays.

"Forbidding contacts would be the best measure, which would involve celebrating Easter in a special way, without gathering, at home. The same goes for the upcoming Jewish holidays," Kon said.

"Now if we give in, everything that we have done so far can be in vain," Kon said, adding that the virus must not enter gerontology centers in future, as we fight hard to prevent this from happening.


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