Director of Batut Institute: More testing in the next period VIDEO

Acting Director of the Institute of Public Health "Milan Jovanovic Batut" Verica Jovanovic said a leap in the number of coronavirus tests can be expected

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Screenshot/TV Prva
Foto: Screenshot/TV Prva

Jovanovic appealed to TV Prva that anyone who has any symptoms and meets the criteria for testing for a coronavirus to report to the health COVID centers.

"The key measure is to test potential contacts and all those who have been in contact with COVID-positive persons, because that is how we cut the transmission chain," Jovanovic told TV Prva.

She said that more testing could be expected in the coming period, so that contacts of those who came into the situation to be infected could be detected on time.

"With a larger number of patients, we will detect more infected persons. We will monitor the entire territory of Serbia, especially the cities where the hotspots are particularly pronounced, we will monitor clinical circumstances and all those patients who are being taken to hospitals with a difficult clinical picture," Jovanovic added.

She recalled that during the incubation period, when a person does not have symptoms of respiratory infection, the virus can be transmitted, and that it is therefore important to know that the person is ill so that everyone in contact with that person could be able to contact the health center.


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