New 284 COVID-19 cases in Serbia, total 1.908

According to official data from the Ministry of Health, 284 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Serbia

Source: B92

Thus, the number of patients increased from 1.624 to 1.908.

From the last report until 3 pm, a sample of 959 individuals were tested, out of which 284 were positive. 1082 patients have been hospitalized and 88 patients are placed on Belgrade Fair.

There are a total of 98 patients on the respirator.

By 3 pm, a total of 7.360 people were tested in Serbia who met the criteria for the case definition.

Unfortunately, there are also seven (7) more deaths than the previous report, or a total of 51.

Five (5) males and two (2) females died.

The average of their age is 64.2 and they all had comorbidities, that is, several other associated diseases that contributed to the adverse outcome.

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