Five new coronavirus victims in Serbia, total 44

Director of the Belgrade Infectious Diseases Clinic Goran Stevanovic said today that Novi Pazar has become a new hot spot of coronavirus infection in Serbia

Source: B92
Foto: Printscreen/TV B92
Foto: Printscreen/TV B92

"Five new coronavirus victims have died," Dr Stevanovic said.

"The situation is under control," Verica Jovanovic, Director of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia, Dr Milan Joanovic Batut, said.

Asked if the state provided assistance to nursing homes, she replied:

"Nursing homes are part of the state system, we are primarily working to curb the spread of infection in all health care facilities."

Gloves and masks go through a centralized distribution, she states.

One of the hotspots of infection is Cuprija, with about 50 cases currently registered and a percentage of 5 percent of the total number infected in Serbia, she said.

"We know that Cuprija is one of the hotspots, and all the measures that are being implemented now relate to enhanced diagnostics and contact testing."

With the reorganization of the city of Belgrade, various institutions that serve for the treatment of serious cases were identified.

There are few cured at this time because, according to Dr Stevanovic, the treatment is taking a long time and states that patients with lighter clinical picture have been cured so far.

"Curfew and a restraining order do not mean that someone who has symptoms should sit at home. At any time of day and night, the health system is at the disposal of the citizens", Dr Stevanovic said.

A new hotspot is appearing in Novi Pazar, and according to him, a number of respirators are already being sent to the city.

The Belgrade Fair is scheduled to be a temporary hospital and only coronavirus positive with mild symptoms are referred there.

"They are all monitored and will be tested after the scheduled period, the earliest time to take the control sample is between 7 and 12 days. If the sample is negative, another one is taken. If it is negative, only then the patient can be discharged," he stated.

Subsequently, home isolation is mandatory, and all treatment protocols are addressed to all health care facilities, including temporary hospitals.

Citizens from abroad need to report to the Serbian embassies in those countries in order to assist Serbia financially, by sending goods and equipment to Serbia.

"They should contact our competent embassies abroad. They are in constant contact with the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Health", it is said.

In facilities where migrants are housed, there are doctors and all migrants are tested.

"It is very difficult to get in and out of migrant camps, it is difficult to transmit the virus. We do not have positive coronavirus cases for migrants located on the territory of Serbia."


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