Kon: The measure of introducing 24 hour curfew is being considered VIDEO

The profession made recommendations, which is to reduce contacts, epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon claims

Source: B92

"Therefore, we have come to the end, we have endured for four weeks, the decision on whether to introduce more rigorous measures depends on the coming days," Dr Kon stated.

The decision also depends on the information that will be obtained today.

A measure of 24 hours curfew is under consideration, which would inevitably be a last resort.

"The virus simply lives in human body," he states and explains that if there are no contacts within 14 days, the virus dies.

He adds that the decision on such a measure will not be a decision of the profession, adding that this measure is introduced at the very end of the epidemic in order to have effect.

"We will have a Serbian scenario," he explains, adding that our numbers are smaller than the Italian as a consequence of the measures taken.


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