Loncar: Two deaths, curfew to be extended on weekends VIDEO

Two deaths due to coronavirus have been reported, Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said at a press conference

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Tanjug / Vlada Srbije / Slobodan Miljević
Tanjug / Vlada Srbije / Slobodan Miljević

There are 659 coronavirus patients in Serbia, and two deaths have been reported.

"Today we have two dead, that's a total of 10," said Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar.

Loncar said the woman from the Clinic for Infectious Disesase and a man from Nis had died.

He urged citizens to respect Government's measures and added that he had never seen more people on the streets and in parks when coming to the conference.

"Whenever you go out and have contact with someone, know that you are the most serious candidates for getting coronavirus, and with it, the possibility of the most serious complications," Loncar said.

He stated that curfew will be extended on weekends.

"The curfew starts at 3 pm on weekends," announced Minister Loncar, and the solution, according to him, is isolation.

As for the equipment, the minister states that we have sufficient supplies at the moment.

"Don't just skip things, let's not get to it, we talk about the consequences all the time, only if we are responsible, we will be able to prevent this," he states, explaining that in case we got infected with coronavirus, with "all the equipment in the world", not much can be done.

Epidemiologist Dr Predrag Kon said related to more rigorous measures that the epidemiologists' position will always be to prevent contacts and thanked the state for backing the profession, by giving it full support.

"The profession still recommends primarily that contacts must be stopped, if not otherwise, then by introducing more rigorous measures," Dr Kon said.

According to Dr Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, it would be best if everyone were locked in their homes.

"We know that life has to go on under these circumstances as well, which is why we haven't imposed so rigorous measures from the beginning, but if we do not understand our role, then there will be no other choice," Kisic Tepavcevic said.

Patients with mild symptoms should contact their selected physicians, and those with severe disabilities should contact specialized COVID-19 hospitals for testing.

"Anyone with serious problems should report to a competent health institution," Dr Stevanovic stated.

"In order for death to be linked to coronavirus, some conditions must be met," Loncar said, explaining why the man from Sabac was not officially a victim of coronavirus, although media reported that it was possible for people with coronavirus to die for other reasons.

"Absolutely the whole procedure exists and we will not deviate from it," he says.

Asked how he comments on the SPC's statement that there will be no interruption of communion, he states that the position of the profession will be obeyed in this case as well.

"I respect everyone very much, I am a believer and I go to the Church, but what the profession says is aimed at protecting human lives. We are following their instructions", he explained.


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