Admission of patients to the Belgrade Fair begins PHOTO

The Provisional Hospital at the Belgrade Fair will start receiving the first patients suffering from the new coronavirus with mild symptoms from today

Source: Tanjug

As of today, only patients and healthcare professionals will be able to enter the facility, and the public and journalists are not allowed access, as the whole space is disinfected and ready for treatment of the sick.

Space for the living of the infected is provided in halls 1, 3, 4 and 5, and the Armed Forces of Serbia delivered about 3.000 beds and cabinets, the space between the beds is enclosed with screens, and the galleries will house doctors' offices with X-ray machines.

In addition to specialist doctors, there will be psychologists in the temporary hospital.

All sanitary conditions are provided at the Fair, patients will be provided with food in the area, the constant temperature in the building will be 20 degrees, and in addition, the entire fair is covered by wi-fi.

A list of all things that patients can bring with them during treatment at a temporary hospital will be posted on

The main purpose of this, as well as other temporary hospitals opening in the country, is to isolate patients who have mild illnesses and are positive for the virus so that the disease does not spread further, but also to be under constant medical supervision.

Up till now, such patients have been sent to home isolation, and by placing them in a temporary hospital, they are protecting their families.

On the other hand, mass testing of people suspected of COVID-19 has been announced and it is expected that a large number of infected persons will be
detected in this way.

Treatment of patients with milder symptoms is expected to last between 14 and 28 days.


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