Highly protected system in Serbia - electronic school diary - crashed?

Many parents, along with teachers, have experienced problems in the past few days accessing an electronic school diary, Vecernje Novosti reported

Source: Vecernje novosti

The exact cause is unknown, and as the paper states, there was suspicion of so-called DDoS hacking attacks, which simulated too many inputs, so the system "crashes".

Another possible reason is that the system cannot support the large number of teachers' inputs who, at the end of the semester, enter grades and arrange documentation.

"Novosti" states that the Ministry of Education failed to obtain official explanation. They also recall that when the e-diary was introduced, the Ministry said that it had the highest level of data protection, at three levels, and that the chances of breaking into the system were negligible.

There were also problems with the entry of grades in Vojvodina, but all students of schools in the province, which had been on a winter break since Tuesday, were graded at the end of the first semester. This is what the Novi Sad educators claim, pointing out that they had experienced certain problems last week, but they believe that they were not hacking the es-diary, but that it was a software problem.

"It's true that we had experienced certain problems entering data last week, but we think it happened because thousands of teachers were entering data at the same time. Electronic logs have been 'deleting' for almost five days, or there were problems entering and deleting incorrectly entered data, which created confusion and slowed down work. It is better now, but still a little slower", the director of a Novi Sad school said.

He explains that school administrators are trying to solve problems, and that higher-level technical support does not always arrive at the required speed. Jovan Vukcevic, head of the Novi Sad School Administration, told "Novosti" that no school had approached them with this problem.

Schools reportedly received a message last week saying, "Dear everyone, someone tried to break in!"


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