Intensified control begins: Traffic police on the streets

Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Traffic Police Directorate will implement enhanced traffic control from December 9 to December 15

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Alex_Schmidt/
Foto: Alex_Schmidt/

The ministry announced that the Traffic Police will carry out intensified controls on driving while intoxicated and under the influence of psychoactive substances.

It will be part of an international action implemented in 29 countries - members of the "European Traffic Police Network" (TISPOL).

This year, more than 42.000 drivers were excluded from traffic in Serbia, due to drunk-driving, according to the statement of the Ministry of Interior.

1.700 drivers, out of those 42.000, were in a state of complete intoxication, the press release said.

Also, 350 drivers were excluded from traffic for driving under the influence of psychoactive substances.


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