Brnabic: Taxi drivers are the best promoters of CarGo

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said it was not fair for taxi drivers to harass citizens by blocking the city when they knew the government was always ready to talk

Source: Beta
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

Brnabic added that taxi drivers do the best promotion for CarGo.

"It wasn't fair that Belgrade taxi drivers harass people by blocking the city when they knew the Government was always ready to listen to them, also when it comes to the payment of tax and reprogramming taxes. How many of them signed an agreement with Tax Authorities on reprogramming debts? And we didn’t confiscate their vehicles?” Brnabic asked, after attending the “e-Papir (e-Paper) – from Counters to Digital Transformation” Conference in Belgrade.

According to Brnabic, CarGo didn't violate the law but was just using the loopholes in it.

"We can discuss as to how to change the law, but people who harass the citizens today took part in drafting that very law", Brnabic added.

She added that we cannot expect from a communal police officer to stop people just because they behave suspiciously.

"Communal police is not to blame, local self-governance, also. Do we have problems? Come to the Government and let's talk, this is not the way,” Brnabic concluded.


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