Genuinely breathtaking video shot in Belgrade

Prva TV got into possession of a video footage depicting a mother driving her child bending half way out of the window, while his life was seriously threatened

Source: Prva TV
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

This highly risky drive was shot on the Mirijevo Boulevard in Belgrade. The author of the footage assesses that the woman drove the child in such a manner reaching speed of approximately 50 km/h.

Milan Bozovic from the Traffic Safety Committee stated for Prva Television that this is not an isolated case and that this is one of the reasons why the newly adopted Act on Traffic Safety forbids any part of the body to be sticking out of the vehicle.

We absolutely witness those situations where the passengers are driving in such a way that their body parts protrude from the vehicle and in some cases there is a fatal accident, he points out. Asked if the police should react to this footage, Bozovic says that this calls for the police reaction if there is reliable evidence, that is, if the authenticity of the footage is confirmed.


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