Rules of conduct when struck by the storm similar to the one that hit Halkidiki

The devastating storms that hit Halkidiki, leaving behind seven victims and over 100 injured, raised the question of finding shelter and staying safe.

Source: RTS
Foto: Tanjug/Vassilis Konstantopoulos/InTime News via AP
Foto: Tanjug/Vassilis Konstantopoulos/InTime News via AP

General Secretary of Serbian Red Cross, Ljubomir Miladinovic, said for RTS that when we find ourselves in the middle of the violent storm, the main thing is to remain calm. It is necessary to stay away from the large glass surfaces, avoid awnings, avoid being outside - those are practical tips to be applied, Miladinovic points out.

He added that the most important thing is to take preventive measures, to prevent something from happening, this is the best precaution.

"It is not enough to select destination, to secure transport, you have to take other steps as well, such as: providing travel insurance, locating the nearest Serbian representative office in the place of your stay, following weather forecasts closely", Miladinovic advises tourists.

When something like this happens, we often hear from the local people: 'I have never witnessed such a phenomenon'. "We are facing serious climate changes, and we have to adjust to it", Miladinovic concluded.

According to his words, those are abrupt and sudden situations, and there is no much time to find your way around. "You should first find a safe shelter, this is the main precondition for taking further steps", Miladinovic stressed.

He points out that open space is always particularly exposed to various kinds of danger. Large number of lightning and thunders had been recorded, along with the large number of flying objects that wind brings that can have harmful effects.

With the change of climate, we face with weather phenomena and wind blows we were not familiar with so far, Miladinovic concludes.


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