Serbians who worked in Russia to be eligible for pensions

Serbian citizens who spent a part of their working lives in jobs in Russia will be able to apply for their years of service to be recognized starting March 1.

Source: Tanjug

And in this way, they are entitled to a pension, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic has told Tanjug.

They will be able to realize this right based on an agreement between Serbia and Russia on Social Security, which will come into force on March 1.

"Our citizens, if they worked in the previous period in Russia and if taxes and contributions were paid for them there, will fill out in a questionnaire and apply for their years of service to be calculated time through the Pension and Disability Insurance (PIO)," Djordjevic told Tanjug.

Before recognizing these citizens's years of service, the minister explained, our PIO Fund will cross-check the data from the questionnaire with the Russian PIO, and then we will know how many citizens will realize this right.

"In that case, their years of service would be linked. The years of service they had in Serbia would be linked to those in Russia, and on the basis of the accumulation of that service, they could fully meet the condition to retire," Djordjevic explained .

According to him, pensions from Serbia would be paid to them through our PIO Fund, while a part would be arriving from Russia.

He pointed out that this applies only to our citizens, and not to Russians who worked in Serbia, since it is a one-way agreement that which was important to sign, since a large number of Serbian citizens worked in Russia in the 1980s.

"We do not have this type of cooperation with many countries. Since the agreement is one-way, we show our concern toward our citizens to help them realize their rights," Djordjevic underlined.

The minister announced that the instructions on completing the questionnaire will be on posted on the website of the PIO Fund and of the Ministry of Labor, and urged citizens who had jobs in Russia to report.


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