Red Star start Champions League campaign with draw

Red Star played 0-0 against Napoli in front of 53,000 people at its home stadium in Belgrade, in the opening game of the Champions League's groups stage.

Source: B92

The Serbian champions also earned EUR 900,000 - which is what winning a point is worth at this stage of Europe's top club football competition.

Although many thought that Red Star would be "points fodder" in its group, the tram played a solid match against Italy's vice-champions, led this year by coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The Belgraders chose to spend the majority of the game defending - and succeeded in what what obviously the intention: not to lose.

Napoli came across as a powerful, high-class team, but having ball possession, controlling the game, and being a much more dangerous rival wasn't enough to break the Serbian defenses.

In the other Group C match, Liverpool beat PSG 3-2.

Red Star will face PSG on October 3.


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