"My own investigation might bring success"

Milena Ivanovic, the wife of the murdered Oliver Ivanovic, stated that she started her own investigation about his murder.

Source: prva
(screen capture, Prva Tv)
(screen capture, Prva Tv)

She also said that she has certain information that she couldn't disclose yet.

She mourned the fact that there were still no answers although she had hoped the persons responsible would have been found immediately.

"Not even after seven months there's no infomation about the case. Not a sign. I'm leading my own investigation. I'm gathering the info from Albanians, Serbs and foreigners. I have friends who help me with that. Maybe my investigation turns out successful because I have stronger motivation", said Ivanovic for Prva TV.

She adds that every speculation hurts and that certain people use the murder for their own recognition.

"Oliver deserves a dignified fight for justice. I think every fake information could cause more damage than gain. I want to believe that the murderers will come to justice. I believe there is justice, there are no true secrets in this world, you can't hide everything you want to hide", she added further.

After Oliver was released from prison, she insisted that they get out of politics and leave Kosovo.

"He didn't want that. He didn't mention the threats he received to me but a lot happened, they set our car on fire, broke into our apartment. In my opinion, I should've been aware of the things that might scare me. If I had known this would happen, nothing would have stopped me to get him out of Kosovo, stated Milena Ivanovic.


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