Lawyers to stop work in protest after murder of colleague

Lawyers in Serbia will suspend work for a week starting on Monday because of the murder of their colleague Dragoslav Miso Ognjanovic

Source: Tanjug

The Bar Associations of Serbia (AKS) and Belgrade (AKB) have announced this.

In this way, the lawyers wants to send a clear message of "the unity of the profession and the firm resolve that they will not acquiesce in such cases," the Bar Association said.

The two chambers also announced that they will issue a monetary reward to citizens who provide credible information to the prosecution, which would lead to an indictment against those who carried out and ordered the murder of Ognjanovic, while the amount of the award will be determined by the Steering Board of the Chamber.

Previously, the president of the AKS, Viktor Gostiljac, told Tanjug in a statement that he would seek an urgent meeting with justice and police ministers as well as to set up a special investigative team that would include representatives of the prosecution, the police and lawyers in order to quickly find the perpetrators.

This would, as he said, send a clear message to anyone who thinks he can kill a lawyer and go unpunished.

Ognjanovic, a 57-year-old, was gunned down on Saturday night in New Belgrade, while his 26-year-old son was wounded in the hand.


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