Hornets kill councilor from western Serbian town

A 43-year-old man, a member of the City Assembly of Uzice, in western Serbia, died late on Wednesday from multiple hornet stings.

Source: Blic, Vecernje Novosti

According to media reports, Vladan Markovic was attacked by a swarm of hornets in a field in the village of Zlodol, located between the towns of Bajina Basta and Uzice.

The daily Blic said it learned unofficially that Markovic had left a raspberry orchard and was headed back home in Zlodol when he spotted a piglet on the road, that came from a neighbor's yard.

Markovic went after the animal in order to chase it back, but instead ran into a swarm of hornets that attacked him.

Markovic was stung multiple times in the face, but managed to reach his aunt's house on a nearby hill, telling her that he was suffocating.

The woman called an ambulance that had to travel from Bajina Basta. By the time they reached Zlodol, Markovic was dead.

The Uzice councilor will be laid to rest on Friday, the daily Vecernje Novosti writes today.


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