Father of 4 commits suicide over EUR 187 electricity bill

A 44-year-old man from Jelasnica near the town of Nis, in southern Serbia, has committed suicide.

Source: Beta

According to reports, citing his relatives, M.S. killed himself because he "could not bear being poor" and because the electricity had been cut off to his six-member household recently over an unpaid RSD 22,000 (EUR 187) bill.

The suicide victim's sister Stana Stojanovic told the local Belle Amie broadcaster that he was "saying lately he would kill himself because he could not support his four children." The last straw was the power company cutting off their electricity, she said.

"He sent his wife and children to her mother in Nis, and last night (Tuesday) he drank etiol (malathion, an insecticide). When the wife returned she saw that he had committed suicide," Stojanovic said.

The widow now cannot afford to bury her late husband, Stojanovic added.

"Had we not come today she wouldn't have been able to buy any food for the children," she said.

According to the relatives, the family of M.S. arrived in central Serbia from Kosovo in 1999, and three years ago moved into a house provided by the Commissariat for Refugees.

The same sources said that both M.S. and his wife had been unemployed, and lived on welfare.


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