Worker found dead in copper mine in eastern Serbia

A worker in the Copper Mine in Majdanpek was found dead at the mine's plant, Vecernje Novosti is reporting.

Source: Vecernje novosti

According to the newspaper, the victim was 30-year old A.S.

His lifeless body was found last night at about 23:15 hours CET. According to his colleagues, the worker went to conduct rounds at the plant, but never returned.

An autopsy will show what killed A.S., who was in charge of maintaining conveyor belts at the mine.

Sasa Perisic, assistant general director at RTB Bor - within which the mine in Majdanpek operates - said the cause of death would be known after an official investigation. Perisic also told the company's wesbite Kolektiv that there no visible injuries on the victim's body.


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